women laying in dentist chair

You are not alone in your dental dread. The dentist may also be worried when it is their turn in the chair, so don’t worry if you’re one of those fearful patients!

One theory is that the fact that the mouth is close to all other sensory faculties like as sight, hearing, etc. makes this an issue. You wouldn’t be as nervous if it was your foot getting treated.

Because regular dental care is so vital, our dentists have put together a few tips that might help you manage, and possibly overcome your personal anxieties.

Find your ideal dentist

This isn’t always easy, not because the dentist is bad, but because we all react differently to individuals. For example, some individuals like a dentist who takes their time and is gentle, while others prefer a dentist who is skilled but does all possible to finish the procedure safely and swiftly. Others prefer a quieter dentist. Our practise has a large professional team and is delighted to help worried people discover a dentist they can trust.


Some patients say waiting to be seen is one of the most painful portions of their dentist visits. It’s often the case that our expectations are worse than reality. The longer we think about it, the worse it will grow. While we do our best to keep your appointment on time, dental emergencies might cause minor delays. Bringing a book or music (with headphones) may assist. Depending on the therapy, the dentist may allow you to use headphones during the procedure.

Bring a pal

Like above, you may wish to bring a friend to keep you entertained. Their presence in the treatment room is possible but discouraged, especially with the current Covid restrictions. If you want to do this, please contact us ahead of time and don’t just show up expecting it.

Chants or songs

Once your mouth is open for treatment or examination, your options are limited and you won’t be able to move it much. During the treatment, you could repeat a mantra or a tune in your thoughts. It’s best to keep it basic and repeatable. This distracts some patients until the procedure is finished.

Review your therapy

This isn’t for everyone, and some patients may prefer not to know what will happen during their therapy. But for others, this is incredibly useful. It’s similar to knowing that a plane’s reverse thrust on landing is to slow it down and that it isn’t ready to explode. Our courteous dental experts would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Organise a self-reward

No matter how worried you are about your treatment, the reality is that it will be far less painful and considerably quicker than you imagine. You won’t have to worry about it for a while, so why not treat yourself? Preparing this mentally during therapy may also assist. If your treatment requires you to relax for a day or two, treat yourself to a favourite novel. Treat yourself to a nice coffee and cake before more routine treatments or even examinations (which can cause anxiety for some).

Our Dental team understands that you may be frightened or anxious about your visit and will do everything necessary to help you feel at ease.