Restore Your Teeth in a Single Appointment with CEREC Crown Technology

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) crowns provide an optimal method of tooth restoration. The emergence of digital dentistry has seen a boom in this cutting-edge technology, which the team at Welling Corner are proud to provide our patients.

  • No need for impressions or temporaries
  • No need for a return visit
  • Cerec crowns look and feel like normal teeth and are just as strong
  • Precision software means a perfect fit every time
  • Treatment using Cerec can be completed in as little as an hour.

What to expect during the CEREC crown process

Our same-day restoration procedure utilises the CEREC machine, which leverages Computer-aided design software, allowing digitised 3D screening of the teeth and surrounding areas. This offsets the need for an impression to be made, saving a significant amount of time.

Once the software platform designs your dental crown from an optical impression, the model is processed from a ceramic block by an in-house CEREC milling unit into a crown. Following this, the manufactured crown is fitted to the patient by Dr Lijesen. The swift process compared to traditional crown placement means postoperative sensitivity will be minimal, allowing comfortable tooth & gum functionality straight after the procedure.

CEREC design, a quicker alternative to conventional restoration

In cases where a patient’s tooth is severely damaged or decayed, traditional crowns offer an adequate solution for protection. The overall process can take time however, with impressions needing to be made at the initial appointment, before being sent off to a dental lab for crown manufacturing. As a result, the traditional crown process typically requires a few appointments.

In comparison, CEREC crowns can be completed within an hour. Not only this, but the material used is as strong as normal teeth, natural in appearance and highly biocompatible.


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