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Welling Dental is a Private Dentist in Bexley. Here we look at the benefits of Private Dentists.

People in the UK who need dental care can go to an NHS dentist or a private dentist. The NHS dentists are less expensive. So why do people keep going to private dentists more and more?

First, let’s look at the main difference between NHS dental care and private care.

In what ways are NHS and private dentistry different?

At first, it does seem like the cost is the only difference between NHS and private dentists. However, when you look into it more, you’ll find that there are many more things that set them apart.

The Department of Health hires NHS dentists, so treatment is largely subsidised by the taxes we pay. This is not the case with private dental care. Private dentists can set their own prices, but this means that treatment takes longer, there are shorter wait times, and the service is more specialised and all-around.

This means that because NHS dental appointments are usually shorter, they can’t do as much. Due to lack of time, dental care is often focused on the short-term, while advice and care for the long-term are left to gather dust.

Let’s talk more about the benefits of going to a private dentist.


Visiting Our Private Dentist in Bexley instead of the NHS

Some people find it hard to decide between an NHS dentist and a private dentist, and sometimes they only look at the price. But a private dentist has so much more to offer than just treatment, so the cost of treatment is more than made up for by the specialist, attentive service, and other benefits.

You might be wondering what these benefits are, so let’s take a look.

A Wider Range Of Dental Treatments

Because NHS appointments usually last less time overall, the dentist services they can offer are much less. The dentists who work for the NHS do things like crowns, dentures, veneers, bridges, etc. to fix problems that already exist.

While only private dentists offer cosmetic dentistry services like teeth whitening, white fillings, and Invisalign. If you want more visual work, you should usually go to a private dentist.

Less time to wait

Wait times are one of the best things about going to a private dentist. If you choose an NHS dentist, you might have to wait weeks or even months to get an appointment. This can make people lose interest in going to the dentist, which is not what we want.

If you go to a private dentist like Welling Corner Dental in Bexley, you won’t have to wait nearly as long to be seen. You could be seen as soon as the same week if there is time.

Longer Appointments

As we mentioned in point 1, since NHS dental appointments are much shorter, time is often spent on problems that need to be fixed right away. This means that long-term dental problems and advice are often ignored.

One benefit of going to a private dentist is that appointments are longer, giving you more time to talk about both long-term and short-term problems that may be impacting your dental health. There is also more than enough time to discuss treatment options, make sure you are comfortable, and send you home feeling good about yourself and with a smile on your face.

Quality Service

Because of things like the government putting a limit on how many NHS dental treatments each practice can give in a year and practices using more cost-effective equipment, it can sometimes be worth paying more for a wider range of dental treatments and a more specialised, higher-quality service.

Because of this, most private dentists like Welling Corner Dental in Bexley can often meet your needs much better than the NHS. For example, they can make special appointments for patients who are nervous. Private dentists also have the most up-to-date tools and best materials for both diagnosing and treating patients.


When looking for an NHS dentist, flexibility can be a problem because appointments are so rare that if you get one, you feel like you have to take it, even if it’s at an awkward time.

Many NHS dentists are only open 9 am-5 pm. This is fine for most people, but for those who work those hours or have to take care of children, it can be very hard to get to these appointments.

Most private dentists like Welling Corner Dental in Bexley, have more flexible hours, with late-night appointments (they are often open until 8 p.m.) and free off-street parking. This makes going to a private dentist much more convenient.


Finding an NHS dentist with an open appointment can sometimes feel like a game of “whack-a-mole.” With one opening coming up, it goes again as soon as it has. This can mean that you have to find a dentist who is out of the way and drive a long way to see them.

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