We recommend you use this to give an indication only, as each person’s requirements are as individual as you! The policy at Welling Corner Dental Practice is to keep you informed at all times and a full break down of costs will be provided together with a treatment plan at the cosmetic consultation, or dental health check.



Clinical Examination £35.00
Cosmetic Consultation £35.00
X-Rays £18.00 each
Scale & Polish (with Dentist) from £60.00
Hygienist Appointment- 45 Minutes £99.00
Home Whitening Kit (With Custom Made Trays) £250.00 (Offers When Available)
Composite/White Fillings from £80.00
Icon - Drill Free Restorations from £135.00
Root Canal Treatment from £470.00
Extractions from £75.00
Cerec Porcelain Crowns/Inlay/Onlay (Made Here in 1 Appointment) from £530.00
Cerec Porcelain Bridge (Made Here in 1 Appointment) from £655.00 per Tooth/Unit
Porcelain Crowns (Laboratory Made) from £655.00
Porcelain Crowns/Veneers (Smile Design) from £790.00
Porcelain Bridge (Laboratory Made) from £655.00 per Tooth/Unit
Composite Bonding from £150.00 per Tooth
Cosmetic Tooth Contouring from £100.00 per Tooth
Gum Contouring from £100.00 per Tooth
Implants Including Restoration from £3,000.00 per Implant



Invisalign for Upper & Lower Teeth
(including removable retainers & home whitening at the end of treatment)
6 Month Braces (Fixed White) Excluding Retainers £1,800.00 per Arch (Upper or Lower)
Inman Aligners (Removable Appliance) Excluding Retainers £1,500.00 per Arch (Upper or Lower)
Fixed Retainers from £185.00
Removable Retainers £100.00



Denture Set (Depending on Size and Material) £500.00 - £1,200.00

As material prices fluctuate our prices may be effected by this and are subject to change from time to time, however we strive to avoid this whenever possible.

Financing Options

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic treatment, or dental implants then you might be interested in our interest FREE and low cost payment plans, for over 21 year olds, to help you fund your treatment. For treatments in excess of £500 we can offer you interest FREE Finance over 12 months.

We understand you may wish to start your treatment as soon as possible so we have teamed up with Chrysalis Finance whose Finance Plans are innovative and potentially much more affordable to the more traditional options. This will enable you to get the treatment you want and pay for it over a period of time you are comfortable with.