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If you’re looking for dental crowns in Bexley, then you’ve somehow landed in the right corner of the Internet! Our dental practice at Welling Corner offers professional, high-end dental services for young and old alike. We focus on providing you top-notch, minimally intrusive services that will restore the shine of your smile, and get you back that self-confidence you’ve been missing lately!


So, what exactly are dental crowns?

Yes, we’re probably one of your best options for dental crowns in Bexley, if we do say so ourselves. But what exactly are dental crowns, to begin with?

Dental crowns are basically replacement teeth, used to fix your denture when it’s been blighted, either by the passage of time, by an accident, or by poor oral hygiene. A dental crown is fitted over the damaged tooth (or teeth), and serves as a sort of crutch that fortifies the tooth and prevents future weakening, and damage.

Dental crowns are an excellent option for restoring a chip or damage in your smile, and can last you a very long time, provided that you care for them well.


Who needs a dental crown?

Wondering if dental crowns in Bexley are what you need to get your mouth in tip-top shape? Well, let’s see if you’re a good candidate for this particular dental procedure, or not.


People who get dental crowns in Bexley…

  • Have a broken natural tooth, and are looking to restore it, or “fill it in” with a crown (also referred to sometimes as a dental cap);
  • Have weakened teeth, either as a result of the natural passage of time, or because of a large filling being fitted into their mouth;
  • Have had root treatment administered to one or more of their natural teeth, and require dental crowns to support and strengthen the treated tooth;
  • Have had a weakened tooth as the result of an accident, and require dental crowns to fortify and keep the tooth in place;
  • Are dealing with tooth discoloration, and would like to restore the appearance of their naturally beautiful smile.

If any of the above options sounds like you, then we invite you to our Welling Corner Dental Practice, to see if dental crowns in Bexley might be the right fix for you.


Do dental crowns hurt? Can you tell it’s a crown?

These are two questions our patients ask a lot, and we’re here to clarify. First of all, no, dental crowns do not hurt. Your dentist or dental technician will administer a local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel anything when the denture itself is fitted. If there is no nerve, and you only require a surface denture, even the local anaesthetic may not be needed.

Your dental crown will feel a little different at first, but you will soon get used to the feeling, and won’t even notice it, nor will those around you.


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