Woman having dental checks

Dental procedures can seem daunting. Sometimes the fear of the unknown makes the experience more stressful than it needs to be for the patient. So, here we look at the most common dental procedures and how they are performed.


This is the most common dental procedure. It is used to repair tooth decay, or a chipped tooth. For surface-level cavities, the dentist will use a white composite or silver metal to fill the area. This seals and protects the tooth from further damage. It is a speedy and easy process that often does not even require numbing injections.

Root Canal

The tissue in the middle of a tooth, otherwise known as the pulp, becomes inflamed or infected, meaning it needs to be removed. This is done via root canal. If the root canal is not performed, the infected tooth can develop an abscess that can be serious and painful. The area will be numbed before the procedure begins.

Crown / Cap

This is a cover for an existing tooth. It seals off broken teeth and can also be used to complete a tooth after root canal treatment. They can be metal, porcelain, or a mixture of the two. You will first be numbed by the anaesthetic. The tooth will be filed and smoothed, and the cap or crown will be placed over it.

Bridges and Implants

A bridge is a false tooth that connects to the teeth on either side of a missing tooth using a crown. An implant looks like a normal tooth and fits into the socket of the missing one. The healing process will eventually fuse the implant with the bone.


This is when a tooth needs to be taken out of your mouth. The tooth may have decayed, or it may be broken. It could be a wisdom tooth pushing other teeth or a tooth growing in an awkward position. The process is performed under the numbing anaesthetic unless the situation is more complex. A simple single tooth extraction is quick and easy.

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