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The warmer climate can make our teeth and gums more vulnerable.

At Welling Dental, we understand that many of our valued patients in Reading are eagerly embracing the warmer weather and making plans to savour every moment before the days turn darker and
colder. Summer holidays, BBQs, shorter breaks, and family events are likely at the top of everyone’s list.

While we all enjoy the sunshine, it’s important to be aware that the summer season brings additional risks to your oral health. We want to give you some helpful “summer tips” to keep your
teeth and gums in top condition during this season as part of our dedication to empowering, encouraging, and educating our patients on maintaining outstanding dental care.


While not exclusive to summer, we must emphasize the detrimental effects of smoking on your oral health. Smoking is associated with numerous cancer risks, including oral cancer. Aside from the
potential fatality, it can impair speech, swallowing, and even lead to facial disfigurement. Quitting smoking now is not only beneficial for your health but also for your finances.


During the summer months, many of us tend to consume more alcohol, whether at parties, BBQs, or enjoying a refreshing beer in a sunny pub garden. While we don’t aim to discourage you from
indulging, we strongly urge moderation. Alcohol is a contributing factor to oral cancer, especially when consumed excessively or frequently. It also increases the risk of gum diseases such as
gingivitis, periodontitis, and periimplantitis (for those with dental implants). Have fun, but remember to drink sensibly.

Fizzy Drinks

If you choose to avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks often seem like an appealing alternative, especially on hot days straight out of the icebox. While they can be an occasional treat, it’s crucial to remember that they typically contain high levels of sugar, which can be extremely harmful to your teeth. Additionally, most of these drinks have high acidity content, which can damage the protective enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity. Consume them in moderation and consider alternatives with lower sugar content.

Ice Cream

It’s no surprise that ice cream is a popular summer treat, particularly during trips to the seaside. However, it’s essential to be mindful of its high sugar content, which adds to your daily sugar intake.
If you have sensitive teeth, consuming ice cream may cause discomfort. Enjoy your ice cream, but remember to exercise moderation and maintain good oral hygiene practices.

Barbeque Risks

Barbeques have become increasingly popular, providing a wonderful opportunity to gather with loved ones. While there are various toothfriendly foods you can cook on the grill, we’d like to
highlight the risks associated with sauces and marinades commonly used. These often contain substantial amounts of sugar and are sticky, making them likely to adhere to your teeth long after
eating. After a barbeque, rinse your mouth with water and use floss to remove any trapped residue.


We previously mentioned how alcohol can contribute to gum disease. It does so by causing dehydration. In warmer weather, it’s crucial to ensure you drink enough fluids and avoid relying
solely on fizzy drinks, even as a treat. Water should be your primary choice as it contains no sugar and helps wash away any remaining sugars that may be stuck to your teeth. It’s both costeffective
and beneficial for your dental health.

Ice Chewing

Chewing ice is a common habit, along with opening crisp packets and biting nails, that significantly increases the risk of tooth breakage. While it’s fine to use ice cubes to cool your drinks, allow them
to melt naturally and avoid trying to crush them with your teeth. Prevent an unpleasant surprise and protect your teeth from potential.

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