Does the idea of braces worry you?

Are you afraid to laugh and smile in public because of your crowded or protruding teeth? The Inman Aligner may be the solution for you.

No need to worry or suffer…

Dental technology has come a long way in recent years. The old-style fixed-braces are a thing of the past. These days many people prefer to use Inman Aligners to gently reposition their teeth and regain their self-esteem.

  • Very comfortable – Inman Aligners are custom made to fit your mouth. There is none of the discomfort associated with old-style fixed-braces.
  • Quick results – your teeth can be repositioned in a matter of weeks
  • Cost effective – Inman Aligners are less expensive than fixed-braces
  • Removable – if you have an important event coming up, you can take them out and pop them back in afterwards


Welling Corner Dental Practice is an approved provider

Our dentists are extensively trained and fully qualified. They’ll ensure that the Inman Aligner is correctly used so you get the best result as quickly as possible, with the least discomfort.


Unstraightened teeth 3Teeth after they've been straightened

Crowded Teeth – 6 Months
“I never smiled without being self-conscious in 40 years”

Example of unstraightened teeth 2After example of straightened teeth

Crowded Teeth – 7 Months
“I feel relieved to smile”

Example of unstraightened teethshowing teeth through smiling

Crowded and Protruded Teeth – 6 Months
“Oh wow, those are so nice. Looks wonderful. Thank you very much!”


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